J Henry Phillips 

Austin, Texas--Curitiba Paraná
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Talking résumé; Currículo falante; CV in rtf format; CV in pdf format
BA in Portuguese (minor: Spanish) University of Texas at Austin, 1996. A degree from an accredited university--unlike diploma mill scrip--is good for life.
After a week of interpreting every movement of every circlip, slip, packing element, dog, mandrel, shearpin, shearscrew, setscrew, running tool, fishing tool and battery pack for Halliburton's Downhole Power Unit and HE3 plug--from Scottish into Portuguese and back--Halliburton figured I had earned this diploma. It was a real education in Carrolton, Texas.
Certificate of Appreciation from Bowne Global Solutions Interpretation Services, signed by Vanessa Ortblad and Beth Flaherty, October 7, 2003, and a very nice letter.
ATA-Accredited/Certified, English into Portuguese
By passing a written examination American Translators Association members earned the right to vote. The credential is good for "as long as you remain a member of the ATA." The association was taken over in 1991 by unelected non-linguists who seek by indirection to make it into a cash cow.
ATA-Accredited/Certified, Portuguese into English Accreditation required adequate translation of at least two 250-300 word texts selected from any of five subject areas: Literary, General, Semi-technical, Science/Medical or Business/Legal in a 3-hour, open-book examination.
ATA-Accredited/Certified, Spanish into English

I prepared and graded those exams as Language Chair for Portuguese<>English for 2 years and Portuguese > English for 8 years.
A 2004 amendment to the ATA bylaws only authorized changing the name of the credential, not its terms of validity nor the rights thereto appertaining. Yet the replacement certificates assert a spurious "continuing education" requirement--spending money to attend association-sponsored activities.
See my ATA profile while you still can. The change flouts due process and raises questions regarding conflicting financial interests of employers vis-a-vis freelance contract labor. Employers use the meetings as inexperienced labor recruiting venues, so any such policy would place established independent contractors at a competitive disadvantage.
Berlitz federal court interpreting test results
Berlitz sight translation test results
Banking seminar interpreter for the University of Texas at Austin's IC² Institute in cooperation with PUC/ISAD of Curitiba and Banco Bamerindus (Now HSBC). Expert on the banking panics of the 1890s, 1920s and 1930s.
Brasas English teacher in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tested by Ralph McElroy Translations in Austin
Tested by Joint Publications Research Service (CIA) in Washington, DC
Simultaneous conference interpreting experience: hundreds of hours for cabinet officials, heads of State, diplomats and consular officials, congressmen, professors and executives. For other credentials, such as federal judge commendations, client testimonials or live recordings, contact me.

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