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CURRENT WORK: Recent translations include rolling mill maintenance manuals, a full-length book on money laundering, books averaging 25,000 words on Brazilian Indians, Diplomatic Residences, Architecture, Fashion, Capoeira and Industry, technical and contractual documents relating to power dams, geophysics, oil, biofuels, fire protection, boiler codes and various and sundry industrial standards laws, plus the usual run of certified translations for US immigration and education, and certified procurement documents in Brazil. My best areas are oil & gas, geophysics, mining, power dams, steel, contracts, enviroregs, banking & finance, architecture and agribusiness—at approximately 2000-8000 words per day, depending on language and format.
As a partner in TIP Ltda. I work on officially certified bidding and corporate documents pursuant to Brazilian procurements law, just as I have for decades translated them officially under US law.
Many of the translations I’ve produced were over a hundred thousand words. Most are oil, mining and agribusiness-related. Now I translate for Brazil's diplomatic service, attorneys and engineering firms to produce oil, geophysics, steel mill and mining material—including all pertinent contracts and financial statements. My Portuguese is that of a native of Brazil, where I went to school and work every year. Born in Puerto Rico, I've spent 20 years in South America and work in Brazil and the US. I set up shop as Brazilian Translated in 1987, and earned active member status in the ATA (American Translators Association) by earning certifications from Spanish and Portuguese into English and English into Portuguese. Interpreting and translating in both directions gives me exceptional familiarity with my areas of specialization.

EDUCATION: B.A. in Portuguese (minor in Spanish), University of Texas at Austin, 1996.
Before that, at the same school, I majored briefly in Engineering and Mathematics. From 1993 through 1996 I worked through college as an interpreter for Executive Education and the IC² Institute, doing simultaneous interpretation of MBA curriculum coursework. I have a 4.0 GPA in Spanish and Portuguese.

Worked at Dr. Petr Beckmann’s Access to Energy newsletter, briefly edited American Defense in 1987, and edited and published PL DATA for the Portuguese Language Division of the ATA from 1992 through 1995 while going to school, translating, and grading translation tests. I still publish articles on translation and interpreting, and explanations of financial panics.

EQUIPMENT: I jealously maintain a small fleet of Mac and PC computers. Equipment includes most office software, scanners, OCR, Dragon, Via Voice, laser and color inkjet printers. My CAT tools are MemoQ, Logiterm, Omega-T, and such. I record audio and voiceovers, translate videos and run websites.

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